VZ to VFII E38 controller programming info

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Re: VZ to VFII E38 controller programming info

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Can you label your wires for us?
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Re: VZ to VFII E38 controller programming info

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Mohamad. sy wrote:Thanks
I fond reset bin
I read it on xprog
It is ok
yes, it would be awesome if you could label the wires in your pic. cheers
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Re: VZ to VFII E38 controller programming info

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I tried it using my xprog 5.1.1 with the wires that in_tech had posted up.. Only found one device for 9s12 device with external memory and it had 2 extra wires shown that weren't labelled in in-techs pics.. Didn't work, lol..

I think I may have jumped the gun on trying to read my bricked unit anyways.. Xprog goes to the main cpu and gets the memory by asking the main cpu nicely for it.. Since mine is bricked and the main ecu is running I am guessing this method will not work for mine..

Not really looking forward to soldering 80 wires like Tazzi did.. That takes skills and bravery I am lacking, lmao.. I don't mind ruining this one, but I don't have another one I want to loose..
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Re: VZ to VFII E38 controller programming info

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VX L67 Getrag wrote:Now after going through all that & wasting a week or so(but would still like to find out how to do it for future reference) I eventually thought I have no other options so had a good E38 controller here & made some modifications to the wiring connector to make a quick swap harness, I used the good controller to set write entire & as soon as the unlocking controller message came up I swapped the harness from good to bad PCM & had just gone to programming mode & after 5 minute or so write process it was back to life although it showed weird characters for VIN & Serial but then did a write VIN section by itself seperately & all back to normal.. WOOHOO!
Hello! Very interesting method. I have several E38 with wrong OS flashed, they work but you can`t do anything with it. I will try your method to reflash them.
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